Mortgage Protection

What is Mortgage Protection?

Mortgage protection term life insurance is designed to provide the protection of both a death benefit and living benefits, meaning no matter what life throws your way, you’ll be able to access much-needed funds.  It’s the smart, forward-thinking solution for any homeowner.  Helping our clients safeguard their homes during a time of need will help provide peace of mind and protection during stressful circumstances.


Why do people need Mortgage Protection?

We know that many households would struggle to meet their mortgage obligations if their family was faced with a tragic life event. That’s why the mortgage protection term life insurance plans offered by The Money Source Insurance could help you during the following situations:

  • Death Benefit – If you pass away unexpectedly your beneficiary receives a lump sum benefit that could pay off your mortgage loan.
  • Living Benefit – If you suffer a qualifying major illness, such as heart attack, stroke, or cancer, the plan can advance a lump sum benefit.
  • Disability Benefit – If you become unable to perform your normal work duties due to injury the plan can help cover monthly expenses.*

To help protect your mortgage payment and provide peace of mind, The Money Source Insurance is pleased to introduce Payment Protector, a special kind of mortgage protection that does just that. Because it’s not paid out in a lump sum, the person you choose as your beneficiary would receive a monthly income payment to cover all or a portion of your mortgage payment or provide an income to help take care of other financial obligations.

At The Money Source Insurance, we are mortgage protection specialists who are here to help families keep their homes during hardship. Work with one of our specialists today to ensure your family is protected.

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*Recommended insurers, certificates, rates and benefits vary and riders may result in additional cost.  Disability benefit is paid monthly for a specified term length that is based upon the coverage that is purchased.  Certain occupations are not eligible for this disability coverage.