Umbrella Coverage

What is Umbrella Coverage?

An umbrella policy is an extra layer of financial protection. This is on top of auto, homeowners or renters insurance and helps in the event of an unexpected or costly occurrence. With umbrella coverage,  families, homes and assets are fully protected and legal fees can be covered. Umbrella policies also cover excess risks that sometimes are excluded from underlying policies.

Umbrella insurance is not just for the wealthy – it can be right for any owner.

Home and auto insurance may not provide enough coverage. An umbrella insurance policy can protect assets and future earnings in the event of a lawsuit.


Why do you need it?

  • If a policy holder is sued for libel or slander, policies cover legal defense costs (possibly as a result of social media interactions or cyber-bullying)
  • If a policy holder is sued by a tenant or landlord, policies cover loss of rent and legal costs

Umbrella coverage also covers pets and any injuries, medical expense and legal defense costs they may cause. For example, costs that can come along with a dog bite. Remember, you are financially responsible for your pet.

You’ve worked hard for what you have — don’t let it all be taken away.

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